Murgle Blotch
Lockjaw with hammer
Theme Stromlings
World The Battle of Nimbus Station
Weapon/Tool Hammer

Murgle Blotch is the Stromling Champion of the Battle of Nimbus Station.

Murgle Blotch is an elite Hammer Stromling who commanded an army of Stromlings, Hammer Stromlings, Stromling Mechs, and Dark Spiderlings during the Maelstrom's attack on Nimbus Station. Since the fall of Murgle Blotch is crucial to winning the battle, Wenn Wuzzit sends players back in time to fight the Stromling Champion. After six waves of his minions have been defeated, Murgle Blotch himself appears in Wave 7. He spawns near the Assembly booth and fights players with his hammer and lightning bolts.

Wenn Wuzzit confirms that Murgle Blotch perishes in the Battle for Nimbus Station. Following this Stromling Champion's demise, the Maelstrom sends Kinga Hurl to lead the attack.

Related Missions and Achievements


  • Hammer Attack: Hits with his hammer, dealing 5 damage.
  • Lightning Strike: Charges up an attack that calls lightning down on himself, dealing 1 damage to anyone close to him and knocking them down.


  • Although he shares the same model as the Hammer Stromlings that appear in the Avant Gardens Survival Instance, Murgle Blotch is the only known Stromling Champion and possesses the unique ability to call down lightning.
  • Murgle Blotch's dropped loot generally consists of Avant Gardens items.
  • Murgle Blotch's name is possibly a pun on Dirt Stain. Explanation: Murgle Blotch is in German "Flecki Dreck". "Fleck" means Stain and "Dreck" means Dirt, thus creating Dirt Stain.
  • One of the rewards for winners 5-10 in each age group of the Nexus Force Championship Battle of Nimbus Station event is a Murgle Blotch Shirt.


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