"...source of imagination on the far side of the canyon. Command believes presence of Mythran, and hopes to provide a way once the tower is completed..."- Crux Prime Plaque

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Mythrans (also known as GMs) are moderators and members of the support team (Brick Buddies) who work for LEGO as a part of the LEGO Universe team. Since they are fully trusted, hired members of the team, they have the power to say and do nearly anything they want.

Mythrans can occasionally be spotted in LEGO Universe, usually helping out those with reported problems like highly unusual bugs/glitches, bullying, teasing, cheating, and other issues. A Mythran will usually appear when there are few Maelstrom enemies or players nearby.

The LEGO Universe website says that they are "a mysterious race of Minifigures with a history of protecting and doing good deeds for others."

Normally, if a player reports an in-game issue, they will respond in a private chat or e-mail. Most Mythran understand that they are looked up to as legendary figures. Mythran can be invisible, appear as glowing blue minifigures, with or without gear, or appear as normal minifigures with "Mythran" as a name.


Mythrans rely on the use of small bits of code known as macros. An extremely limited amount of these codes are available to all players. Certain bugs can also be fixed with such codes.

The Mythran-only macro codes can be applied to another user through a private chat (which is why the player must be online in order for a mythran to remove them from a tight spot), as well as themselves through normal chat.


  • Mythrans are not restricted to the white-list in public chat and they can say nearly anything they want. However, during the beta test, when a Mythran tried to say an unapproved word in chat, it would show as "#" (ex. 'word' becomes '####'). In a private chat with a Mythran, the same thing occurred for players. This has since been removed.
  • All custom names (reported to extend past about 300 new names a day), models, and properties must be approved by the Mythrans.
  • They are probably responsible for an incredibly high amount of imagination detected on the other side of Rivendark Canyon, which many players believed was an unreleased Mythran Temple area.
  • Since the announcement of LEGO Universe's closure, the remaining LEGO Universe staff members have been making odd appearances in game, spawning unreleased NPCs and enemies, as well as giving out unreleased and Mythran-only items.
  • About 10 minutes before the game's closure, Shival thanked players who were on with a "Thanks" message, as seen in the picture below.
  • On February 26, 2013, a LEGO moderator named Keighlian posted two Mythran desktop backgrounds on the LEGO Message Boards. One has a black background, the other white.
  • The details on the closure mention that the Mythrans are going to take a "well deserved holiday".


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