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Named Enemies
are featured in the Forbidden Valley Dragon Battle, the Battle of Nimbus Station, and on Crux Prime. Named enemies are any enemies who are player-defeatable, but are still considered NPCs due to the sole fact that they retain a name and position in the game. They are also referred to as bosses.

Crux Prime features many Named Enemies, including Gull Rawstew, Vargas the Tormented, and Roo Morgg. Named Enemies on Crux Prime are known to be significantly harder to defeat than others. During round 29 of The Battle of Nimbus Station, four named enemies, referred to as The Four Riders of the Maelstrom, spawn in the center of Nimbus Plaza. Each one has about 300 health, a total of about 1200 heath amongst them all.

Named Enemies also drop more loot than other enemies, which ranges from Consumables to high rares.

It can be accurately assumed that these enemies were given names to denote their high standing within the Stromling ranks.

All Named Enemies on Crux Prime respawn every ten minutes but are harder to find.

All Named Enemies on Crux Prime have a different color scheme than their Invader counterparts which can, from a distance, be used to identify them. Typically, a Named Enemy has a White-Violet/pinkish glow that is brighter than the usual Invader. In a group of similar enemies, the Named Enemy can be easily distinguished by this method and then confirmed by its name tag up close.

List of Known Named Enemies

Note: Names may be different across the servers (i.e. Gull Rawstew/Rev Rawstew).

Forbidden Valley Dragon Battle

Crux Prime

The Battle of Nimbus Station

Ninjago Monastery



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