Nexus City
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Nexus City was a concept for a world that would have surrounded Nexus Tower. Nexus City is one of the first worlds designed for LEGO Universe, with concepts of it dating back to 2007 and likely earlier.[1][2] Initially designed as a pure city themed world, it soon evolved into a melting pot of various LEGO themes,[3] before taking on more of a high-tech style later in development.

One of the first worlds created for LEGO Universe, the Vanguard Outpost, was an extension of the wall that surrounded Nexus City.[4] The city itself would have been the game's main social hub; after the Vanguard Outpost was scrapped and Wonderland became the game's starting zone, Nexus City would have been accessible from YouReeka/Zorillo Plaza, and from there, players could have gone to other zones such as Agents Isle. In the final game, Nexus Tower itself ended up taking on this role, offering access to newly added worlds like Crux Prime and the Ninjago Monastery.

The game contains object definitions for an early prototype of Nexus City: A "Tower" (likely Nexus Tower), building, and path. Unfortunately, the models and physics files used by these objects no longer exist. There is, however, an early skydome for Nexus City (though most of its textures are missing), which is a starry sky with a large animated Maelstrom black hole.

Even despite being mentioned on the LEGO Universe website[5] and appearing in several pieces of concept art even after LEGO Universe's release, the world was never developed. It is unknown if Nexus City would have eventually been added to the game had LEGO Universe not been closed. description

The Maelstrom has blown Planet Crux into thousands of worlds before forming into a swirling black hole of chaos energy! Opposite the dark menace’s center sits Nexus City. Nexus Tower rises from the city’s center, glowing with light from the last shard of Pure Imagination! Other large planet chunks drift around Nexus City. As a LEGO Universe Minifigure, you can explore in the festive Avant Gardens, then hop in your custom LEGO spaceship and fly to new worlds of creative fun! You might set off on pirate-themed adventures in Gnarled Forest, join a Nexus Force faction in Nimbus Station, or explore ancient ninja ways in Forbidden Valley! Drifting among the larger worlds are thousands upon thousands of smaller ones. Now, you can settle on one of these worlds and use your creativity to help push back the Maelstrom! Get inspired flying between your friends’ properties, then head for your own LEGO Universe world. There, you can build anything you like— LEGO brick by brick— and bring your creations to life!



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