Nexus Force Plaque
Where to Find: All worlds in the Nimbus System
How to Use: Interact
Required Item: None

Nexus Force Plaques are objects located at key points on the worlds of LEGO Universe. Interacting with a plaque brings up a window displaying additional story information about the area in which the plaque is located. If the player has never read a message plaque, its face will have a glowing, bluish-white sheen. Once the player has read the plaque at least once, the sheen is replaced with a green circle.


Venture Explorer

Avant Gardens

Nimbus Station

Pet Cove

Gnarled Forest

Forbidden Valley

Nexus Tower

Crux Prime

Ninjago Monastery


Plaque 1

The Legend of Frostivus, Book 1

After Planet Crux exploded, Many smaller worlds were thrown. And a comet, flying far too fast, Soon found itself alone. And on this comet, tiny Frostburgh Went to sleep and froze right through, Until its orbit brought it back again To Nexus Tower's view.

Plaque 2

The Legend of Frostivus, Book 2

When the comet's ice began to thaw, The people all unfroze. So they celebrated Frostivus, And danced beneath the snows. But the comet only orbits Past the Tower once a year. So be sure to visit Frostburgh, For it soon will disappear!

Plaque 3

Spread the Frostivus Spirit! It's Frostivus in Frostburgh town! Where temperatures are always down! And snowflakes dance upon the air, They're in your face! They're in your hair! And though it's cold and white and chilly, People here are warm and silly! So grab some snowballs, pack them tight, And start an all-out snowball fight!

Plaque 4

Do You Like Frostburgh? Do you like presents? Yes you do! The presents here are shiny blue! They're in the snow and in the sky, But some might need a careful eye! Do you like shopping? Yes you do! For models, toys and car parts too? Then you'll need canes, the candy kind! So grab as many as you can find!


  • Visual effects for Nexus Force Plaques and Binoculars were not in the game until late beta. Prior to then, there was no way for the player to know which Nexus Force Plaques had been previously read.
  • Unused audio clips of Sir Patrick Stewart reading most of the Nexus Force Plaques can be found in the game assets.


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