Nexus Talon Dropship
Ds clean1
Purpose: Transport of Nexus Force members to Crux Prime

The Nexus Talon Dropship is a transport craft used by the Nexus Force. Sherland Powers piloted one of these until it crashed at Aura Mar on Crux Prime.

Each ship also contains several missiles. When Sherland Powers attempted to fire at the Maelstrom, his ship was damaged and the missles crashed without exploding. Sherland then proceeded to take shelter by a Shield Generator until players come to help. He sends them to find his ship's computer, and detonate the missiles.


  • Modules for a Nexus Talon Dropship Rocket are sold by Ace Warprider in Nexus Tower.
  • At one point in the development of Crux Prime, Nexus Talon Dropships were to be the means of transport for players between Nexus Tower and Crux Prime. This role was later replaced by a Teleporter. Despite this, Nexus Talon Dropships can be seen from the landing pad at Nexus Tower, departing and flying to Crux Prime below.


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