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This page contains information about content from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. This did not appear in the final game.

Nimbus Park
Major Characters in Location Friendly Felix
Enemies Corrupted Robot Mowers

Nimbus Park was a pocket in Wonderland which soon became a full world. It was the first world in the game, and served as a tutorial for new players. Friendly Felix acted as a guide through the park, teaching players how to play the game. It eventually evolved into Avant Gardens, with some of its elements being fused with Zorillo Plaza to become Nimbus Station.

While there are few screenshots of the world, a world map and extensive scripting left over in the client reveal what the world contained. The world was divided into seven scenes:

  1. Contained a floating island players spawned on, a construction scene with a troll and dwarf, two dueling wizards (which later became the "Kipper Duel" between Sentinel and Paradox NPCs in an early version of Avant Gardens), and statues that changed shape.
  2. The Monument could be found here, though it was at this point a simple statue and bore no resemblance to its counterpart in the final game. An NPC gave players missions to collect batteries for an unknown purpose. Commented out scripting indicates a Maelstrom Meteor was once present here, but removed.
  3. A concert put on by the Beastie Blocks. Players were given missions to find a CD for the Beastie Blocks, and to find earphones for Old Man Sherland (which were found in some crates). In another mission, one of the Beastie Blocks asked to see the player's dance moves; this mission was never removed and is still given to players in Nimbus Station.
  4. A timed obstacle course. In the modern day Avant Gardens, this takes place on the Monument.
  5. A garden where players could Rebuild statues, and smash rocks to get bricks for an NPC.
  6. A picnic being ruined by ants, which players were tasked with smashing, though the ants could not hurt players. Once players knew the basics of combat, Friendly Felix sent them to fight the Corrupted Robot Mowers just ahead, warning them that they could inflict damage.
  7. Friendly Felix told players they'd finished Nimbus Park, and offered to take them to YouReeka. Alternately, a large teleporter to YouReeka was present.

There were also several NPCs in unconfirmed locations: A Mime, two Jugglers (who juggled pieces of the Mime), a Jogger, Burno (whose hot dog cart had been smashed, leaving players to rebuild it), CamBots, ClipperBot-8000s, and Vegan Steven.



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