Nimbus Rock
Nimbus Rock Launchpad.png
Major Characters in Location Kendrix Starfish
Enemies Stromlings, Stromling Pirates, Dark Ronin

Nimbus Rock is the small Nimbus Station property. Its launchpad is located in Brick Annex, and can be traveled to after defeating the Spider Queen on Block Yard, and joining a Faction. Kendrix Starfish guards the property, and sends players to smash the Maelstrom Generator infecting the planet chunk with Stromlings and free the trapped Imagination Orb floating above it. After clearing the property of Maelstrom, Kendrix Starfish allows players to rent the property for 500 coins per month.

Beta Information

At one point in beta testing, Nimbus Rock was called Squareville, and its launchpad was located in the Launch Area in Avant Gardens.


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