Ninja Guard
Ninja gaurd
Theme Ninja
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "Do you have no fear of Ninjas, traveler?"
Weapon/Tool Katana

Ninja Guards are Ninja NPCs who are assigned to keep intruders away from key areas.

Two female Ninja Guards guard Ravencloud Gate, alongside the Ravencloud Guardian. They warn players to stay away and fear the massive troll beast, who will not let anyone who is not a ninja pass through the gate. They unwittingly drop hints on how to get around Ravencloud Gate, telling players that the floating rocks under the bridge are likely unstable and ordering players not to smash the shrines near the gate.

Ninja Scout Tashi disapproves of the idea of Ninja Guards and believes that these two guards are too serious all the time. To lighten the mood, Tashi sends players to roar at the Ninja Guards and scare them silly. When players use the "Roar!" emote in close proximity to one of the guards, she will jump in surprise and tremble.

Beta Information

During beta testing, the Ninja Guards wore classic-style black Ninja Gi and used Hu Where's idle animations. They had different Passport artwork to reflect this. One of their beta lines of dialogue suggested that the Ravencloud Guardian would crush intruders, despite the fact that the troll never actually does anything to stop players from attempting to pass through the gate.

Tashi's mission to spook the guards was originally a mission to amuse the guards by dancing in front of them. When this mission was completed, Tashi would make a comment that suggested that the Ninja Guards typically kick dancers off the cliff.


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