Ninja Tashi
Ninja Tashi 3
Theme Ninja
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "Some think things Through, while others think things Over."
Weapon/Tool None

Ninja Tashi is Ninja Scout NPC who stands at the beginning of the Perilous Path.

Ninja Tashi greets players who arrive at Forbidden Valley from Nimbus Station. She clues players in to the fact that there are multiple ways to get past Ravencloud Gate and sends players to speak with Kenjin the Wise.

Later, Ninja Tashi decides to tease the Ninja Guards protecting Ravencloud Gate, considering them too serious. Tashi sends players to scare the Ninja Guards with the "Roar!" Emote, giving Tashi a good laugh in the process.

After Raven Bluff is cleared, Ninja Tashi sends players on Daily Missions to visit five different Raven Bluff properties every day, hoping to help players find balance and inspiration in their travels.


Beta Information

In early beta testing, Ninja Tashi carried a black corseque. In mid-beta testing, Ninja Tashi was named No Name Ninja. For most of beta testing, she wore a classic Red Ninja Gi.

In beta testing, Ninja Tashi's mission to scare the guards was instead a mission to amuse the guards by using any Dance Emote in front of them. When this mission was completed, Tashi remarked that the last Minifigure who attempted to do that got kicked off the cliff by the guards.


  • Tashi shares the "-ashi" naming scheme used for other Ninjas such as Hashi, Zashi, and Mashi.
  • Upon completing the Scaredy Cats mission, Ninja Tashi laughs by using internet abbreviations such as LOL and ROFL.


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