"We were gonna build a mini-golf course out here."- Toshiro Gojira

Ninjago Battlefield
Ninjago Battlefield 7
World Ninjago Monastery
Main Location of Skulkin
Enemies Skeleton Trooper, Skeleton Blacksmith, Skeleton Commando, Skeleton Marksman

The Ninjago Battlefield is the trench bordering the Ninjago Monastery and is the first place on the world where players meet the Skulkin.

The Skulkin are launching Maelstrom Boulders at the Ninjago Monastery in an attempt to break through the walls. They have laid out several Skeleton Camps in order to assist their assault. There are numerous Siege Towers protected by Maelstrom fences that fire these boulders. Swarming the area are Skeleton Troopers, Skeleton Marksman, Skeleton Commandos and Skeleton Blacksmiths. There are also Maelstrom Weapons Boxes, Skeleton War Shields, Skeleton Catapults, and Skeleton Ladders, all of which can be rebuilt into different useful tools to slow the attack.



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