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Oil and Vinegar, No Mayo
Find 5 Shock Fruit, 1 Butter Croissant and 1 Healing Drumstuck for Johnny Umami in the Ninjago Monastery.
“Now for our next recipe! I’ll need 5 Shock Fruit, 1 Buttery Croissant and 1 Healing Drumstick!”
“The Electric Hoagie! A truly shocking sandwich! It tastes like genius!”
NPC and Cooking Info
Chef: Johnny Umami
Food Created: Electric Hoagie Electric Hoagie x1
Ingredients                                                              Where to Obtain
Buttery Buttery Croissant x1 Buy from Farnham Spoon
Healing drumstick Healing Drumstick x1 Buy from Farnham Spoon
Shock Fruit Shock Fruit x5 Flowers in the Lightning Garden
Location Info
Start Location: Monastery Courtyard
End Location: Monastery Courtyard
Total Coins: 150
Total Universe Points: 105
Cooking Items Unlocked: Electric Hoagie
Mission Progression
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