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Outpost Console
Outpost Console
World Avant Gardens, Crux Prime
Quote "Sentinel Flight calling ground, come in."

The Outpost Console is a communication device used by the Sentinels.

An Outpost Console is located in Avant Gardens at an outpost set up by Epsilon Starcracker near Paradox Research Facility. Sentinel Flight uses the Outpost Console to contact players and send them on a mission to rebuild a Satellite Beacon. After this objective is completed, Sentinel Flight can call in an airstrike to bomb nearby Stromlings. The Outpost Console then gives a mission to build all four Satellite Beacons, which can be repeated as a Daily Mission.

During construction of Nexus Tower, another Outpost Console was located in the Nimbus Station Race Place near the Nexus Checkpoint. Duke Exeter used this Outpost Console to contact players via Nexus Terminal. Duke Exeter told players that the Maelstrom was swarming Crux Prime and was preventing construction of Nexus Tower, so players had to rocket to Crux Prime and talk to Brannan Landers. When Nexus Tower was completed, this Outpost Console was removed from the Race Place.

Two Outpost Consoles can be found in Crux Prime, located on either side of the bridge connecting Sentinel Point Zeta and Rivendark Canyon. Unlike most Outpost Consoles, these devices lower the drawbridge and are not used for communication purposes.

Outpost Console LXF Model Download


Beta Information

In beta testing, the Outpost Console gave an early form of Daily Missions in which players could repeat Radio Free LEGO to earn more Coins. Unlike Daily Missions, repeating Radio Free LEGO was not restricted to only once a day. In late beta testing, this option was cut from the game and was not reimplemented until the Power of the Nexus Force update, in which it was changed into a Daily Mission version of Smash and Awe, a mission originally given by Beck Strongheart.


  • A Console Model is a semi-rare drop.


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