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This NPC is part of the Assembly faction.

White robot.PNG
Theme LEGO Creator
World Avant Gardens
Weapon/Tool Laser Gun

PRDX-7 is an Assembly Defense Robot who is positioned outside the Paradox Research Facility in Avant Gardens.

PRDX-7 escaped corruption when a massive explosion infected most of the Paradox scientists and Defense Robots. However, prior to players' arrival on Avant Gardens, PRDX-7 was badly damaged while defending the Research Facility.

By communicating with PRDX-7 via long-distance transmissions, PRDX-4 learns of PRDX-7's state and gives players Daily Missions to collect spare parts from smashed Stromling Mechs to repair PRDX-7. After he is repaired, PRDX-7 sends PRDX-4 a transmission confirming his repaired state.


Beta Information

In alpha testing, PRDX-7 was named Broken Paradox Mech. In beta testing, Broken Paradox Mech became a smashable. While he could be smashed for loot, PRDX-7 could not be repaired until the Power of the Nexus Force update.

Until the Power of the Nexus Force update, PRDX-7 used the color scheme of a Stromling Mech, sans the lights and Maelstrom energy. Although PRDX-4 was retextured to use the original color scheme of 4416 Robot Pod in the Starbase 3001 update, PRDX-7 was originally not, implying that he was a destroyed Stromling Mech akin to the smashed Stromling in the Maelstrom Mine.


  • According to PRDX-4, PRDX-7 has masculine programming.
  • PRDX-7 is likely short for "Paradox-7". However, as the Power of the Nexus Force update alters one of Beck Strongheart's lines to no longer identify Security Mechs as formerly belonging to Paradox, while giving Epsilon Starcracker lines to identify them as former Assembly Defense Robots, PRDX-7 more likely belongs to Assembly in the current storyline.