Paradox Laboratory
Paradox Laboratory
World Nexus Tower
Main Location of Vanda Darkflame
Enemies None

The Paradox Laboratory is the primary Paradox lab in Nexus Tower and home to Vanda Darkflame. It requires the use of several Paradox Teleporters to get in and to travel around it. The central feature of the main chamber is the Shadow Orb, a device that can delve deep into the Maelstrom, displaying a vision of the Darkitect. At the back of the lab is a holographic image of Brick Fury, the cyborg guard of the Paradox Refinery in Forbidden Valley. A Nexus Force Plaque reveals that it monitors any Maelstrom infection in Brick Fury, as he uses Maelstrom-infected bricks to power his weapons.

Meyer Muckrake is stationed here, and gives daily missions to Paradox members. He cannot leave his post, so he asks players to find Olivia Nightshade when she borrows his Thinking Hat.

Update Information

Pre-release information on Nexus Tower refers to the Paradox Laboratory as the "Paradox Cathedral", but the name was changed before release. In addition, the LEGO Club Door was planned to be located here before being relocated to the Venture League Observatory.[1] The Kingdoms World would have eventually been accessed through a Paradox Teleporter next to Vanda Darkflame.[2]




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