Paradox Mech
LEGO Universe 2011-06-01 11-19-02
Theme LEGO Creator
Weapon/Tool Laser Gun

This article is about the NPC spawned by a Wormholer. You may be looking for PRDX-4, who was called Paradox Mech in beta.

A Paradox Mech is a robot that can be created by a Space Marauder to assist players in battle.

The special skill of the Wormholer allows Space Marauders to spawn the Paradox Mech, using 8 Imagination in the process. The Paradox Mech rises from the ground near the Space Marauder's position and will target a nearby enemy to assist the Space Marauder in battle. Much like Stromling Mechs, the Paradox Mech attacks enemies by firing laser blasts out of its weapon, which deals 4 damage with every hit. If the Paradox Mech is out of range or is knocked back by an enemy attack, it marches to a closer position from which it can shoot its target. Paradox Mechs remain idle when no enemies are nearby.

Paradox Mechs have their own Life meter, and if its Life is depleted, the Paradox Mech will deconstruct. Paradox Mechs deconstruct automatically after a certain time interval. A player can only spawn one Paradox Mech at a time, and cannot respawn the Paradox Mech until after the Wormholer's cooldown period has ended.


  • Blaster Shot: The Paradox Mech fires a ball of energy from its rifle, which slowly travels in a straight line and inflicts 4 damage to enemies on impact.


  • Paradox Mechs, along with Assembly Defense Mechs and Stromling Mechs, are based upon the LEGO X-Pods set 4416 Robo Pod. Unlike all other iterations of Robo Pod in LEGO Universe, Paradox Mechs have a unique red and black color scheme to reflect their Paradox allegiance.

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