Paradox Spiderling
Paradox Spiderling
Theme Paradox
Weapon/Tool Legs and Eye

A Paradox Spiderling is a spider that can be created by a Sorcerer to assist players in battle.

The special skill of the Doomslicer allows Sorcerers to spawn the Paradox Spiderling, using 7 Imagination in the process. The Paradox Spiderling rises from the ground near the Sorcerer's position and will target a nearby enemy to assist the Sorcerer in battle. Much like Dark Spiderlings, the Paradox Spiderling attacks enemies by firing spiderwebs out of its eye, dealing 3 damage, or by jabbing with its legs, dealing 2 damage. If the Paradox Spiderling is out of range or is knocked back by an enemy attack, it crawls to a closer position from which it can attack its target. Paradox Spiderlings remain idle when no enemies are nearby.

Paradox Spiderlings have their own Life meter, and if its Life is depleted, the Paradox Spiderling will deconstruct. Paradox Spiderlings deconstruct automatically after a certain time interval. A player can only spawn one Paradox Spiderling at a time, and cannot respawn the Paradox Spiderling until after the Doomslicer's cooldown period has ended.


  • Spider Web: The Spiderling releases a small web of energy in a short cone in front of it. This attack causes 3 damage and can cause multiplied damage based on the amount of enemies are hit by the attack, similarly to the BBQ Blast Hotdog.
  • Leg Jab: The Spiderling lunges forward and attacks the target with one of its legs, doing 2 damage.


  • Despite being referred to as a Spiderling, it is quite different from normal Dark Spiderlings, with only one eye, no weapons, and an altered leg design.
  • Infected Paradox Spiderling models resembling Stromling Invaders and Named Enemies can be found in the game files in the folder for Crux Prime, though they do not appear in the game itself. Another infected Paradox Spiderling model, textured similarly to a normal Dark Spiderling, was animated by developer Cliff Ward but was also never released.[1]

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