Peppy Slapbiscuit
Peppy Slapbiscuit 2
Theme LEGO Universe
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Funny thing is, I don't even have a mug, so how can it be ugly?"

Peppy Slapbiscuit is located at Red Blocks in Nimbus Station.

According to Peppy Slapbiscuit, he is told by all the ladies that he has an Ugly Mug. Hoping to rectify this, Peppy Slapbiscuit asks players to find a way to make him handsome. Players must purchase a Handsome Mug from Sofia Amalgam in Avant Gardens and give it to Peppy, who feels good-looking once in possession of the cup.

Peppy Slapbiscuit then informs players that Nate the Snake, his domesticated pet snake, escaped his cage and is hiding in Nimbus Plaza. He asks players to find Nate by smashing smashables in Nimbus Plaza until Nate the Snake appears as dropped loot. As a reward for their efforts, Peppy Slapbiscuit lets players adopt Nate the Snake and place him on their properties as an animated model.

Wanting to learn how to play the drums, Peppy Slapbiscuit requests that players bring a pair of drumsticks. Players must bring Peppy two Healing Drumsticks, which can be purchased from Supplies Vendors such as Farnham Spoon. Once Peppy Slapbiscuit has the Healing Drumsticks, he counts off and eats them.


Beta Information

When Nimbus Station first opened in alpha testing, a second NPC who shared Peppy Slapbiscuit's model could be found dancing in the stands. Neither NPC spoke or offered missions until late beta testing, long after the NPC in the stands was removed.


  • Peppy Slapbiscuit's missions often involve idioms and puns. The phrase "ugly mug" is an idiom referring to an ugly face, while the mission involves a literal mug cup. Drumsticks is a word that can be used to describe the mallets used to play drums or poultry legs, so Peppy uses the latter to perform the former's task.
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