Perilous Path
Perilous Path
World Forbidden Valley
Main Location of Ninja Tashi
Enemies None

The Perilous Path is an area of floating rocks and cliffs in Forbidden Valley. The Perilous Path begins at the rocket launchpad for Nimbus Station and leads to Mantis Rock. Ravencloud Gate and the launchpad to Raven Bluff can be found at the Perilous Path.

Players who travel to Forbidden Valley without wearing a Ninja Hood will be dropped off at the start of Perilous Path. Ninja Tashi scouts the Perilous Path and tells players to find a way around Ravencloud Gate, which is guarded by two Ninja Guards and the Ravencloud Guardian to keep out anyone who is not a Ninja. Kenjin the Wise and Ro Tundra wait on the other side of the gate, and the former sends players to Mantis Rock. In addition, a Maelstrom Dragon can occasionally be seen flying over the Perilous Path.


Beta Information

The music which played in the Perilous Path during beta testing was titled "Desolate" and was composed by David O'Brien. Unlike most of the beta soundtrack, "Desolate" can still be heard in-game. It can be heard in the section of Perilous Path beyond Ravencloud Gate and leading to Mantis Rock.


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