PetRanch mission
Function in Game Digging, activates bounce pads
Available To Players who have spoken to Coalessa

Pets are creatures found around LEGO Universe that can be tamed by a player. Pets can be used to dig up gold treasure chests, bones, and activate Pet Bouncers.

Pets cannot be tamed until the player talks to Coalessa in Pet Cove, who teaches how to tame pets. Once this is done, a pet can be tamed by interacting with it and completing a building puzzle. Once a pet is successfully tamed, the player can submit a name for it, which is either approved or rejected by the Mythrans. Until the name is approved, the describing text simply identifies the pet as belonging to the player (for example, "BizzareFlyingAmigo's Warthog Pet"). If and when the name is approved, it will appear above the pet for all players to see. If the name is rejected, the chance to rename it will be given next time it is brought out.

Initial Pets

Overall, there are nineteen original pets. The chance to tame a lion comes a reward for taming the 18 other pets first.

Pet name


Imagination cost Item required?
Buffalo Launch Area in Avant Gardens 8 None
Bunny Bunny Area in Pet Cove 4 None
Cat Cat Area in Pet Cove 4 None
Crab Pirate Camp in Gnarled Forest 10 None
Crocodile Crocodile Corner in Gnarled Forest 10 None
Doberman Sentinel Encampment in Avant Gardens 8 None
Elephant Elephant Escarpment in Gnarled Forest 10 Bag of Peanuts
Goat Cavalry Hill in Forbidden Valley 15 None
Green Dragon Forbidden Passage in Forbidden Valley 23 Water Gun
Lion* Keelhaul Canyon Raceway in Gnarled Forest 25 None
Panda Great Tree in Forbidden Valley 15 None
Praying Mantis Mantis Rock in Forbidden Valley


Red Dragon Paradox Refinery in Forbidden Valley 23 Water Gun
Robot Dog Brick Annex in Nimbus Station 10 None
Skunk Nimbus Plaza in Nimbus Station 8 Water Gun
Terrier Terrier Area in Pet Cove 4 None
Tortoise Tortoise Terrace in Gnarled Forest 12 None
Triceratops Paradox Research Facility in Avant Gardens 10 None
Warthog Pirate Camp in Gnarled Forest 12


  • The lion can only be obtained once every other (initial) pet has been tamed and all of Coalessa's missions have been completed.

Updated Pets

These are the pets added since the initial release of LEGO Universe.

Pet name Location/World Imagination points Item required? Mission required? Achievement unlocked?
Reindeer Gingerbread House in Frostburgh 12 No No Yes
Skeleton Dragon Maelstrom Quarry in Crux Prime 15 No Yes No
Earth Dragon Earth Dojo in Ninjago Monastery 10 Yes Yes Yes

Faction Pets

These are pets available to the corresponding faction with the release of Nexus Tower.

(The Ability to place and edit pets on properties was released with this update )


Hatchlings are miniature pets that can be equipped to the left hand. They follow the player around much like normal pets. Hatchlings were made available to players who purchased a LEGO Universe Game Card from 4 select stores, starting September 1st 2011. The Hatchling recieved varied by store. Hatchlings are the first reward available for players who purchase Game Cards, and come bundled with a bag of 50 faction tokens.[1] The data about the pet gamecard locations were posted incorrectly on The correct locations are as shown.

Store Name of hatchling Picture of Hatchling
Toys-R-Us Green Frog Green Frog Hatchling
Walmart Brown Dog Brown Dog Hatchling
Gamestop White Cat White Cat Hatchling
Target Light Grey Mouse Light Grey Mouse Hatchling

Pet Brick


Pet Brick

On April Fools' Day 2011, LEGO Universe published a false news article titled The Newest LEGO Universe Pet! featuring the Pet Brick, a red 2x4 brick pet with a ridiculous amount of abilities.

The Pet Brick has eight studs and is red, expressionless, and lacks ears. In addition to digging up treasure chests like all other pets, the Pet Brick is advertised as being capable of fighting alongside players, giving advice to stuck players, and fetching players' slippers and newspaper. It also helps players build by holding onto pieces, moving heavy walls, fitting into almost any model, building at 80 bricks per second, and receiving instant model moderation. Additionally, the Pet Brick has a power stare attack that deals 9001 damage points, dislikes Ke$ha, is un-smashable, has brown 1x1 brick feces, and likes exclamation points.

Although advertised as coming out that April, the Pet Brick was merely an April Fools' Day joke and will not be released.


  • At one point in development, pets were planned to be modular, but this concept was dropped sometime in the late Pre-Alpha.
  • There was also originally a concept of pet food.
  • Pets were originally intended to be more complex, with features such as skills that could be learned by the pet over time.[2]
  • Flying and biped pets were also planned, but were scrapped for unknown reasons.[3]


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