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This page contains information about content from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. This did not appear in the final game.

Pirate's Cove
Major Characters in Location Guy the Land Agent

Pirate's Cove was the large property for early versions of Gnarled Forest. In the alpha test, Pirate's Cove (as well as another early Gnarled Forest property, Lagoon) could be accessed from an invisible launchpad in the area where the Chantey Shanty launchpad was later placed. A third Gnarled Forest property existed, Tiki Island, but was not accessible from the launchpad, requiring a macro code to travel to. Being an old map, a few elements of Pirate's Cove had broken; one of the tree models had been overwritten with an Avant Gardens path test, and the skydome no longer loaded.


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