Pirate Camp
Pirate Camp
World Gnarled Forest
Main Location of Pirates
Enemies None

The Pirate Camp is a location in Gnarled Forest. Much of the camp appears to be made from refuse, indicating the pirate's hasty set up.

Some point after Captain Jack Knife buried his treasure in Avant Gardens, the pirates of Gnarled Forest accidentally loaded their treasure chests with infected treasure, before setting sail for Gnarled Forest. Knife's sea monster nemesis, the Kraken, sensed the infection in the treasure, and hurled the ship out of the ocean into a tree on the coast of the forest.

Still trying to make the most of their plundering efforts, the greedy pirates opened their chests and began to gather their gems. Over half the crew was corrupted by the Maelstrom infection, and began to scatter themselves throughout the forest, taking with them their gems, which began to infect parts of the landscape.

Quickly dispensing of much of his treasure, Knife secured Crocodile Corner from the Maelstrom, as well as setting up a base alongside his ship on the beach, forming the Pirate Camp. Venture League sends two launchpads to aid in the fight; though the pirates are only aware of one, which is located at Pirate camp.

Vendors Rolly Jodger and Fermie LaBoosh make their shops at pirate camp. Morty Mizzenmast, Simon Soupspoon, Enrique Tharshebloze, Bonny Belay, and Diablo Phil live at the camp, though none of them have roles in the game. Betty Hatchesbatten offers a mission to recover stolen rocket parts, as well as daily missions to Chantey Shanty, the launchpad of which is also located in pirate camp.

Black-Hearted Kevin asks players to retrieve cannonballs for him, before unlocking the Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery minigame. Overlooking his establishment is a giant rock with a ship's wheel, organ, and cannon on it, where Captain Jack Knife now resides. To his left is one more treasure chest, this one filled with a single piece of uncorrupted treasure from his arch-enemy, Numb Chuck. Of course, the chest becomes empty when players steal it back.


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