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Player Leveling
How to Use: Complete Missions and Achievements
Free to Play: All levels Available

Leveling is feature in LEGO Universe that was introduced with the Power of the Nexus Force Update wherein a player is given a level depending on how much U-Score they have. This system is designed to provide ranking within LEGO Universe similar to other MMOs.

The leveling system affects players' abilities to link gear to their characters. Since gear needs to be linked in order to be equipped and used, unlinked items are unusable until the required level is reached. This system addresses the problem of more advanced players giving new players high-powered gear for free which allows them to skip a majority of the gear offered in the game. For example, an easy-to-find Knotwork shield outclasses many other shields in the game.

The maximum achievable level in LEGO Universe is level 45, at which point all achievements and missions (including Daily Missions) start rewarding coins to players instead of U-points.

Transition Information

The system was implemented in August 2011, after the release of LEGO Universe, so minifigures were "upgraded" into it. Gear already linked befored the updated remained usable regardless of its level and players did not lose any gear or the ability to trade that gear. Some rewards which the player had not linked were locked until they achieved a higher level, however, gear can be obtained and placed in a players backpack regardless of level.

Leveling Rewards

Here is a list of all rewards, with its required Level, thus U-Score. This is NOT displayed in the Passport.

Level Required U-Score Reward(s)
5 390 4 Backpack Slots
10 2,170 Brown Shoulder Owl
15 6,420 6 Backpack Slots
20 13,270 Permanent Speed Boost(*)
25 24,520 10 Backpack Slots
30 40,870 Brown Cape
35 63,370 20 Backpack Slots
40 92,120 Nexus Force Cape
45 124,370 Return with 8 Life and 20 Imagination after being smashed.

U-Points Graph


  • Levels 40 through 45 were released along with the Ninjago Monastery.


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