Pod 1
Date Received: Thursday, November 12, 2009
Location of Landing: LEGOLAND Denmark
Located By:

Pod 1 was the identification of the first LEGO Pod launched to Earth. Given the data recieved from the flight log of Pod 5, the journey presumably takes 44 days between its launch time and landing point. Assuming this data is correct, Pod 1 was launched on September 30th, 2009. Pod 1 was discovered on November 12th, 2009.


Sometime during its flight, Pod 1 began transmitting a signal through deep space, possibly as a homing device. This signal was nonetheless picked up and observed by Professor Gunther Wendt, Dr Nigel Ponsford-Stand, and Dr John Deutschendorf at the Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis (B.R.I.C.K.).

On November 7th, 2009, the pod transmitted the coordinates of a landing site. Gunther and Nigel drove overnight to reach LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark, to discover the location of a small LEGO Pod lying on the ground amid a handful of transparent bricks.

The pod was retrieved back to the headquarters of BRICK, where the three sent out a call to LEGO HQ to have a professional observe the unique elements of the pod. Treeboy Mordor, a senior LEGO Designer, was dispatched to visit BRICK and uncover the mysteries of the pod. It was discovered that the pod was built with two non-existent bricks, in addition to several more rare ones.

Intrigued by the lettering located on the side of the craft, QVNSMQ, as well as the vessel's unidentified pilot, the three scanned Pod 1 with the mainframe computer, only to have it explode from the extreme load of data received. The machine was later repaired and the scan completed, revealing both a mission log, translation data for the minifigure alphabet, a kind of compass, and of course the mysterious wording "QVNSMQ".

The pilot's name was revealed from the log to be "ASR1", as well as the mission of the craft is to seek help from the Blue Planet for LEGO Universe. The mission's statement was "Per aspera ad astra". This is written in Latin. In English, it translates to "Through the rough to the stars", the final indication of the Pod's purpose.