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This page contains information about content from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. This did not appear in the final game.

Port Plunder
Main Location of Pirates

Port Plunder was an early Pirates themed world in LEGO Universe.

It was the first zone to be created and could be visited in-game, though the game was in such an early state there wasn't much to do but walk around on its terrain. Development focus soon shifted to the Vanguard Outpost, one of the reasons being that Port Plunder ended up being too large to flesh out for a first prototype.

The world's design was a tropical island filled with ancient ruins, which pirates were looting and loading on to ships in their base, Swagger Town. Players were able to side with the pirates and loot the ancient relics, or side with the natives and protect them. The world also contained a racetrack, faction camp, property, and other areas.[1][2] At certain times, a large pirate ship named the Scurrilous Cherub would have docked at Swagger Town, as an in-game event, where players could engage in a boss fight against a character named Captain Harpoon.[3][4]

There's also an early pirate model left over in the game data dating back to Port Plunder, who somewhat resembles Captain Redbeard. He has a death animation, implying he may have been intended to be fought by players, though it's unknown if this model was specifically intended to be Captain Harpoon or not.


  • The Scurrilous Cherub was spawned by Mythran several times towards the end of LEGO Universe. A larger, physical version of the ship was built by Duane Hess at NetDevil.


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