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Professor Brickkeeper
Theme LEGO Universe
Quote ...Get going over to the LEGO Universe Creation Lab and start making your own creations! We've got a whole universe to build!
Weapon/Tool None

Professor Brickkeeper is the second mascot of LEGO Universe. He can also be seen on My LEGO Network. He owns a robot dog named M.U.T.T.

Professor Brickkeeper issues many challenges to fill LEGO Universe with inspiration. For one of the most recent challenges, he gave this quote: "Most minifigures had amazing pets before the Maelstrom was unleashed: parrots, puppies, prancing horses, and more! But now the dark menace has infected many of our animals, turning them into Stromlings! Drained of creativity, the dark creatures are driven to cause chaos and destruction! Come to think of it, my robot dog M.U.T.T. was kind of like that before he was house-trained... Except for the 'no creativity' part. I mean, he once took control of a toy tank to blast into the cabinet where I keep his treats! My data says we can push back the Maelstrom with new sidekick critters -- but we need your creativity!"

Ideas for creations can be submitted on the Creation Lab


  • Many players think there should not be two k's in his name, which would make it Professor Brickeeper; however, it is spelled with two k's.
  • He is the second mascot of LEGO Universe, following Bob.
  • He owns a robot dog named M.U.T.T.
  • On My LEGO Network it was said that he "works deep within the subterranean archives of the capitol city of a distant LEGO planet" (presumably Nexus City).
  • It was revealed that his full name was "Professor Jim Brickkeeper" in the early LEGO Universe News article "LEGO Universe Brickkeeper bounces into MY LEGO Network!"

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