Race Place
Race Place 6
World Nimbus Station
Main Location of Velocity Lane, Kurt Tussle, many Vendors
Enemies None

The Race Place is the north-western portion of Nimbus Station where players can access the Vertigo Loop Racetrack, the first playable Race Track in LEGO Universe, purchase items from Vendors, and travel to Nexus Tower.

It has been rearranged several times to suit new content. In February 2011, the Nexus Force Plaque located inside the toll booth was moved outside to beside Kurt Tussle; at the same time, several trees were shifted to allow room for the launchpad to Crux Prime. In May 2011, the plaque was moved again to the entrance of race place to make room for Nexus Jawbox, and a plaque beside it which showed Nexus Tower's progress. Following the June 2011 update, the Crux Prime launchpad was moved to Nexus Tower. The gate behind Kurt Tussle was removed, revealing a launchpad leading to Nexus Tower. The plaque showing the top Nexus Jawbox donators was moved to the old location of the Nexus Jawbox. The Nexus Force Plaque remained at the entrance to Race Place.




  • In beta and past the initial launch of the game, players received the message "Use launchpad to travel to Nexus Tower" when using various glitches to access the other side of the gate. As no launchpad existed, it became one of the reasons players assumed the launchpad to Nexus Tower would in the Race Place even before addition of the Nexus Jawbox. The message was removed in a later update.
  • The Frostburgh Race Place is a duplicate of Race Place.
  • A Nexus Tower Rocket can be seen docked behind the gate and launchpad to Nexus Tower.


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