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Race Track
Dave Kang Keelhaul Canyon
Known Tracks

Race Tracks are instances within LEGO Universe where two to six players race each other in Race Cars. The winner is the player with the fastest time at the end of three laps.

Scattered along the track are smashables, obstacles (which instantly smash any car that hits them), and Imagination Power-ups. Gathering the power-ups will allow a player's car to perform an Imagination Boost. Imagination boosts vary in length, and are determined by the amount of power ups that are collected before performing the boost. Imagination boosts are activated by hitting space, and the amount of boost is shown at the bottom of the HUD by three dots, three being the maximum boost amout.

Besides Imagination boosts, race tracks contain arrows that, when driven on, activate a boost that does not require any imagination to use. These boosts are placed in strategic posistions along the track to allow players that had fallen behind to catch back up.

Also strewn through the tracks are flags, which are used to complete achievements. Often, these achivements give unique parts of race cars which can be used to build new race cars. Also, race car parts were rewarded by a NPC nearby the entrance to the racetrack as rewards to missions such as finishing first in a race with six players.

Race tracks were also at the heart of racing contests, including the unfinished Nexus Force Championships. Many players achieved near unbelievable lap times in these contests.

Known Tracks


Concept art for an unreleased race track


Lego Universe Racing Prototype

Lego Universe Racing Prototype

LEGO Universe: Racing Prototype

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