Rad Eccles
Rad Eccles 3
Theme Assembly
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Here, just a minute while I adjust your backpack."
Weapon/Tool Screwdriver

Rad Eccles is Mardolf's Assistant who works in Brick Annex.

In Brick Annex, Rad Eccles stands on the waterfront near the Skunkbuster statue. Rad Eccles requests help from players, explaining to players that a crate of supplies got caught in a tree near Red Blocks after being parachuted down to Nimbus Station. If players shoot down the crate and bring him the supplies, then Rad Eccles will reward them with a piece of the Water Sprayer.

After players help Rad Eccles in this mission, Rad Eccles offers a series of sixteen missions to increase backpack space in exchange for Blue Imaginite Crystals, which can be purchased from the nearby Model Vendor Autumn Helix. As the mission series progresses, Rad Eccles requests an increasing amount of crystals in order to complete each mission. When Rad Eccles has added a total of sixteen backpack spaces, he stops offering these missions.


Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Rad Eccles was unnamed and instead known as the Inventor's Assistant. In alpha testing, Rad Eccles had different facial textures. As Faction Grunt gear developed over beta testing, Rad Eccles's shirt and pants textures became more detailed. Until late beta testing, Rad Eccles's screwdriver was yellow in color.

In alpha testing, Rad Eccles rewarded players with a Maelstrom Gas Mask. However, despite the in-game text at the time, the Maelstrom Gas Mask did not allow players to pass through the Maelstrom Fog in the Maelstrom Mine.


  • Rad Eccles's name is a tribute to LEGO Universe developer Allan Eccles and a play on the word "radicals".
  • Rad Eccles's jetpack was first used by the Jetpack Explorer in the Mars Mission set 7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base.


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