Ravencloud Guardian
Ravencloud Guardian render
Location Forbidden Valley, Crux Prime
Function Guarding Ravencloud Gate, distracting Maelstrom Dragons

The Ravencloud Guardian is the ancient troll protector of the Forbidden Valley ninja clans.[1]

The Ravencloud Guardian is best known for guarding Ravencloud Gate. This troll has been trained to keep away anyone who is not a ninja, allowing only ninjas training under Numb Chuck to pass through. If players approach the gate wearing a Ninja Hood, the guardian will disappear and allow them to pass through the Maelstrom Force Field.

Statues based upon the Ravencloud Guardian were taken by the Maelstrom Dragons and Maelstrom Dragon Invaders and reduced to bricks kept in their treasure horde.[1] When a Maelstrom Dragon's armor is depleted, the bricks are revealed and require 20 imagination to Quick Build into a Ravencloud Guardian statue. Once built, the Maelstrom Dragon begins to recover, only to be distracted by the troll, which tricks the dragon into turning around and exposing its vulnerable back side. Attacking the red X on its back smashes the dragon, and the troll will likewise vanish. If players do not attack in time, the Maelstrom Dragon will smash the troll, which cannot be rebuilt until the Maelstrom Dragon's armor has once again been reduced to zero. If players fail to build the Ravencloud Guardian in time, the quick build will disappear and players must defeat the Maelstrom Dragon without the troll's assistance.

Two Ravencloud Guardians inhabit the Stromling-infested tunnels underneath Paradox Refinery. During the Dragonmaw Chasm race, these two trolls slam the ground with their fists. The shockwaves created by their actions are strong enough to send Race Cars flying out of the tunnel and into the Great Tree above.

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Beta Information

During beta testing, the two Ninja Guards guarding the gate would sometimes state that the Ravencloud Guardian will crush anyone who is not wearing the proper attire. Despite this, the troll never actually did anything to attack the player.

The Ravencloud Guardian quick build dropped much more quickly during Maelstrom Dragon battles in early beta. At this time, the troll and Maelstrom Dragon had different animations. Instead of distracting the dragon, the troll would actually grab and restrain the dragon, who would fight back and eventually smash the troll unless the player attacked and smashed the dragon first.

Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, the Ravencloud Guardian quick build required only 4 imagination.



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