Red Dragon
Dragon asian
Found in Forbidden Valley
Special Abilities Wrapped in flames (untamed)
Imagination Points 23
Required Items/Tasks Water Gun
Taming Build Fire Extinguisher

The Red Dragon is a variant of draconic pet in LEGO Universe. The Red Dragon has a few traits in common with its counterpart, the Green Dragon - it has the ability to burn players and in general has the same body shape.

They are located on the cliffs surrounding the Paradox Research Facility in Forbidden Valley. The difficulty is mainly trying to reach them, which is normally done by adjusting the view with the right mouse button to be able to see the platform.

Red Dragon Pet LXF Download


  • A glitch may happen where, even after the player has extinguished and tamed the pet, it still burns the player. The only way to extinguish the flame permanently is to hibernate it and then bring it back out.
  • The red dragon pet was added on May 12th, 2010.


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