Rescued Ninja
Theme Ninja
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "I hope I never see that accursed forest again."

The Rescued Ninjas are Zashi, Steve, Hashi, and Mashi after being freed from their prison cells in Brig Rock.

Now safely back in Forbidden Valley, these four Rescued Ninjas appear just behind the Ravencloud Gate, near the Perilous Path. They are relieved to be back home and wish never to return to Gnarled Forest. As thanks for their rescue, they have decided to share their wisdom with players. Players who chat with the Rescued Ninjas will receive LEGO Universe tips.

Beta Information

Throughout Beta and several months of Live, the Rescued Ninjas had bandages over their left eyes, reflecting the appearance of the Ninja Prisoners. All four Rescued Ninjas had eyelashes and lips, suggesting they were erroneously female. During this period of time, they also wore black Ninja Cowls, reflecting the alpha appearance of the Ninja Prisoners. During early through mid-beta, they wore red Ninja Gi; from late beta until the Crux Prime update, they wore white Ninja Gi.


"That monkey was working for us, you know."
"Week after week, nothing but bananas."
"The air is so much fresher here."
"What have you been building on your property lately?"


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