Rivendark Canyon
Rivendark Canyon 1
World Crux Prime
Main Location of Sherland Powers
Enemies Stromling Invaders

Rivendark Canyon is a location in Crux Prime.

After his Nexus Talon Dropship crashed into Aura Mar, Sherland Powers evacuated to a piece of land on the edge of Rivendark Canyon, where he constructed a Shield Generator to protect himself. Several rocks float above the canyon, holding Flags for adventurous players, and two floating rocks to the right of Butterscorch appear to be connected to the inaccessible far side of the canyon.

It is inferred that the other side of the canyon contains the ruins of the Nexus Temple and was intended to be opened to players in a future update, as a Nexus Force Plaque mentions a large concentration of Imagination on the far side, and notes that it is likely Mythran in origin. Prior to the Nexus Tower update, the Nexus Force Plaque also mentioned that Assembly hoped to provide a way across the canyon sometime after the completion of Nexus Tower. A prototype map of Crux Prime also shows the other side of Rivendark Canyon to contain ruins. Despite this, the canyon did not yet contain any visible ruins when players accessed it via glitches or jetpacks, and the game was closed before the area could be fully expanded.



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