Ro Tundra
Ro Tundra
Theme Vendor
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "A Ninja builds with stealth and quickness!"[1]
Weapon/Tool None

Ro Tundra is a Brick Vendor in Forbidden Valley.

Ro Tundra's shop, which consists of a fenced-in crate and cart, is located just beyond the Ravencloud Gate. There, Ro Tundra sells his inventory of vehicle-based bricks, such as tires, windshields, propellers and wings. As a result, players who wish to build vehicles on their Properties seek out Ro Tundra due to his useful inventory.

Beta Information

In beta testing, Ro Tundra's inventory consisted of animal and creature-based bricks, not vehicle-based bricks. After Pet Cove's loot drop was changed to have a high drop rate of creature bricks, Ro Tundra was given his current inventory.

Following the Nexus Jawbox update, Ro Tundra's black Exo-Force hair has been changed to white. However, seeing as numerous other NPCs were inexplicably given white clothes in this update, this may have been an unintentional glitch that was never corrected before LEGO Universe's closure.

In the final trunk build of LEGO Universe, Ro Tundra was given dialogue. However, because LEGO Universe was announced to close, the upcoming patch was never released, and Ro Tundra was never given dialogue in the released game.[1]


  • Ro Tundra's name is a play on the words "rotunda", which refers to a dome architecture, and "tundra", an arctic biome.
  • Although the shirt is only available in red to players, Ro Tundra wears a white No Pirates Shirt.


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