Robot Mower
Robot Mower 2
Theme Robotonist
World Robot City
Weapon/Tool Mower Blade

The Robot Mower Robotonist is an NPC in Robot City. It roams Central Park in a loop while cutting the grass, and it can be smashed by players to drop health, armor, and Imagination. It has no dialogue or missions and currently remains only a background character.

Beta Information

Robot Mowers were initially designed for Nimbus Park. After a Maelstrom meteor crashed into the park, the Robot Mowers were infected, becoming Corrupted Mower enemies. Smashing a Corrupted Mower would drop a Quick Build in its place, allowing players to rebuild it into a normal, passive Robot Mower. When Nimbus Park met its first redesign and was renamed to Avant Gardens, Corrupted Mowers were joined by Strombies in their attack, though the Corrupted Mowers themselves remained unchanged. A Corrupted Mower also appeared on the background art for the newly added Red Blocks Amphitheater in this version of Avant Gardens. When Avant Gardens was redesigned again, Robot Mowers and Corrupted Mowers were replaced with Stromling Mechs, however, the background art at Red Blocks remained unchanged, despite the removal of Corrupted Mowers and Red Blocks being moved to Nimbus Station.



  • Robot Mowers were often artificially spawned by Mythrans throughout the final months of LEGO Universe, along with a variant of a Robot Mower with more metallic shading. Despite having health bars, the Robot Mowers could not be hurt by attacks, nor did they attack players.


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