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Ninjago Logo 1 Ninja

Rocco Sirocco
Rocco Sirocco 2
Theme Ninjago
World Avant Gardens
Quote "Spinjitzu makes me dizzy, but I'm getting used to it."
Weapon/Tool Golden Scythe of Quakes

Rocco Sirocco is a Student of Earth Spinjitzu who is stationed in the Sentinel Base Camp.

Rocco Sirocco left his Ninjago Earth Spinjitzu package back at the Ninjago Monastery, so Cole attempted to mail it to Rocco. However, a mix-up at the post office landed the Ninjago package in the players' Mailbox. Thus, Rocco Sirocco asks players to check their Mailbox and give him the package attached to a letter from Cole.

With the Ninjago package, Rocco Sirocco gains a Golden Scythe and the ability to use Earth Spinjitzu. He shows it off to players and tells them to seek Sensei Wu and learn Spinjitzu for themselves.

After completing his mission, players can interact with Rocco Sirocco to see him display his Earth Spinjitzu again.



  • Rocco Sirocco's mission is intended to teach new players about the Mailbox and attachments, as well as give a sneak preview to the Spinjitzu ability.
  • Rocco Sirocco stands beside a weapon rack from the LEGO Ninjago set 2519 Skeleton Bowling.
  • He is also the main character in YouTuber SPI Studios's LEGO Ninjago StopMotion series, Students of Spinjitzu.


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