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Roo Morgg
Roo Morgg.png
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Stromlings / Named Enemies

Roo Morgg is a Stromling Ape Invader found in Caldera Mar on Crux Prime.

Like Kinga Hurl, Roo Morgg was once a massive silverback ape who lived deep in the jungles of Gnarled Forest. He was the strong, fearless, and proud leader of a tribe of apes. Unfortunately, the Darkitect saw Roo Morgg as a potential lieutenant and corrupted the ape, creating one of the most aggressive and black-hearted fiends in the Maelstrom.[1]

Roo Morgg lives on a central glowing platform above Caldera Mar, making him an obstacle players must overcome or avoid when passing through the area. He is considerably tougher than the other Stromling Ape Invaders found on Crux Prime and is considered one of the strongest bosses in Crux Prime. It takes numerous Ape Anchors, each of which requiring 15 Imagination to build, to defeat Roo Morgg. Like all bosses, Roo Morgg occasionally drops rare items, tokens, an estimated 2 or 3 Maelstrom-Infected Bricks, Models, and a few Bricks. Roo Morgg usually takes about two minutes to respawn.


  • Exploding Boulder Throw: Roo Morgg unearths a glowing boulder and tosses it towards a target. The boulder travels in a straight line, deals 6 damage, and is difficult to avoid, although it can be smashed.
  • Ground Pound: Roo Morgg rises onto his hind legs and beats his chest before slamming the ground three times. Each slam knocks back enemies and deals 6 damage. After he does this, he will pause, and rise up to beat his chest again, but however, will not pound the ground or deal damage. This attack is the one that unearths the pieces used to build the Ape Anchor.


  • Roo Morgg's name is a reference to The Murders in the Rue Morgue, a mystery novel by Edgar Allan Poe involving an escaped orangutan.
  • When Crux Prime was first released, Roo Morgg's rare drop rate was significantly higher and many players farmed him because of it. This led to problems and fighting among players. The drop rate was lowered in the Nexus Jawbox update, which decreased his loot by three times. There were also controversies over kill steals, which was countered by changing the effects of an Ape Anchor; the player or team that builds the final anchor receives the dropped loot.
  • Rarely, Roo Morgg will fall through his platform and must be battled underneath Caldera Mar.

Location(s) Found

  • Caldera Mar