Sakura Moonstone
Sakura Moonstone
Theme Ninjago
World Crux Prime
Weapon/Tool None

Sakura Moonstone is the Monastery Ruins Vendor. Sakura is also the sister of Tomoko Moonstone, who works as a Clothing Vendor in the Ninjago Monastery.

In the Ninjago Monastery Ruins near the Maelstrom Quarry, Sakura Moonstone sells Weapons, Consumables, Pants, Wooden Shields, and Bassinet Helms to help players in the battle for Crux Prime.

Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price Picture
Superior Crossbow of Blasting Coin 7,500 8343 60x60
Doc in a Box Coin 340 Docinabox
Buff Out Armor Brush Coin 220 Buff Out Armor Brush
Bassinet Helm Coin 3,425 Sentinel Helmet
Cutoff Jeans Coin 3,100 Cutoffjeans
Trousers Coin 2,925 Trousers
Wooden Shield Coin 4,925 Wooden Shield
Super Hatchet Coin 6,000 A super hatchet
Super Scimitar Coin 6,000


  • Her name, Sakura, is one name for the cherry blossom, specifically the Japanese Cherry blossom, which is reflected in the pink flowers on her dress. A moonstone is a white, semiprecious stone consisting of alkali feldspar.
  • Sakura's Festival Kimono is a shirt that can be received through random drops in the Ninjago Monastery.


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