Sentinel Combat Challenge
LEGO MMOG 1-7 Nexus-Tower-10
Location: Sentinel Vendor Area
Purpose: To do as much damage as possible in 30 seconds

The Sentinel Combat Challenge is a minigame in the Sentinel vendor area of Nexus Tower. The challenge is for players to deal as much damage as they can to a series of target dummies over a 30 second period. Like every other minigame in LEGO Universe, Green Imaginite is required to play. When the minigame begins, the timer starts counting down from 30, and Target Dummies appear in front of a simulated backdrop of one of the LEGO Universe worlds, such as Gnarled Forest.

Target Dummies

Related Achievements


  • Before the small June 28th patch, the final achievement associated with the Sentinel Combat Challenge was not completable.
  • More than one player can battle at one station at one time. This leads to an interesting effect as a players score is based on how much damage is done overall: one player can do 50 damage and another player can do 50 damage and the score reflects that the first player has attacked for 100 damage.
  • One of the Binoculars in Nexus Tower feature camera angles of each of the Combat Challenge arenas, whether they are active or not.
  • The white skeleton-like dummies can only be reached by use of the "Uber Hammer", which is a Mythran-only item that was mailed to players during different periods in late January, 2012.
  • Using the aforementioned "Uber Hammer", the player can reach a maximum of 45,000 points.
  • The Combat Challenge is the shortest minigame in LEGO Universe, lasting only 30 seconds.

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