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This article is about the Sentinel Faction Guards found in the released game. You may be looking for Sentinel Guard, a Pre-Alpha NPC from Nimbus Park.


Sentinel Faction Guard
Sentinel Faction Guard
Theme Sentinel
World Avant Gardens
Quote "I wish we had brought bombs!" (no longer used)

Sentinel Faction Guards are Sentinel NPCs who guard key areas.

Two unnamed Sentinel Faction Guards stand at the gate to the Sentinel Encampment in Avant Gardens. They defend the camp by firing their rifles at any Stromlings that wander too close to the gate's entrance. They have no missions or dialogue and remain only background characters who protect the encampment.

In Nexus Tower, there is a Sentinel Faction Guard named Bullet Mullet who is positioned in the Sentinel War Room. However, aside from his title, he has little in common with the Avant Gardens Sentinel Faction Guards.

Beta Information

Until late beta testing, Sentinel Faction Guards were simply called "Sentinel Guards". In alpha testing and early beta testing, the Sentinel Faction Guards had a hi-tech visored Knights Helmet, Epsilon Starcracker's shirt and pants, and a sword strapped to their back. In mid-beta testing, the Sentinel Faction Guards received their current model sans the Faction Grunt armor, but keeping the sword strapped to their back. In beta testing, Crash Helmut and Property Guards used the Sentinel Faction Guards' early models.

At one point in testing, the Sentinel Faction Guards had dialogue, including a line about bombs.


  • The original helmets for the Sentinel Faction Guards appeared as completely dark gray, except for a patch of light grey near the top of the helmet and a decal on one side above the visor. This was actually a graphical bug; the texture for the decal is mostly transparent, but the edges of the opaque area effectively appeared as being stretched to cover the whole helmet. The normally unseen vertex colors of the model have the helmet as light grey with a blue visor, as seen in concept art and a render of Vance Bulwark.


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