Shu Fitts
Shu Fits
Theme Vendor
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "Yes, I have bricks. Yes, they're awesome."[1]
Weapon/Tool None

Shu Fitts is a Brick Vendor located in the Paradox Refinery in Forbidden Valley.

Shu Fitts sells Technic and BIONICLE bricks, making this vendor popular amongst players who wish to incorporate Technic functions into their property models. Shu also sells Brick 1x1 Round, which can be used by Gathermaster Klex to build dummies as part of the rescue of the Ninja Prisoners in Brig Rock.

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Beta Information

In early beta testing, Shu Fitts was unnamed, simply known as Brick Vendor, and wore a LEGO Universe Shirt. Until late beta testing, Shu shared Kammy Kazei's booth.

In the final trunk build of LEGO Universe, Shu Fitts was given dialogue. However, because LEGO Universe was announced to close, the upcoming patch was never released, and Shu Fitts was never given dialogue in the released game.[1]


  • Shu Fitt's name is a play on the saying "If the shoe fits, wear it."


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