"Fortunately, Pirate Stromlings are easily distracted. One look at a Mermaid Siren, and they lose their minds!"- Renee Tombcrusher

Siren Stunner
Siren stunner
Imagination Required 10
Items Required Mermaid Head (Select builds only)
Location Maelstrom Trench, Elephant Escarpment (Nearby), Brig Rock

Siren Stunners are found in Gnarled Forest and cost 10 imagination to build. There are three found in this location, and one of them also requires finding and collecting the head piece before it can be built.

Once built, these statues mesmerize nearby enemies with their siren song. Enemies are dazed and surrounded by heart bubbles, unable to move or attack so long as they are within range of the song. This makes them easy targets for Nexus recruits.

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