"Peace out"- Skee Daddle

Skee Daddle
Skee Daddle 2
Theme LEGO Universe
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Minifigure in the house!"

Skee Daddle is a break dancing NPC found at Red Blocks Amphitheater in Nimbus Station.

Skee Daddle sees that players have strong creative sparks and tells them to show off their creativity by dancing. After players dance for him, Skee feels that they can do better and so teaches them his best dance move, the breakdance.


Beta Information

Skee Daddle was originally named Beastie Brick A and was a member of the Beastie Blocks, a pre-alpha music and dance group designed for Nimbus Park. In mid-beta testing, Beastie Brick A's name was shortened to just Beastie Brick, and in late beta testing he was renamed Skee Daddle. Skee Daddle kept his pre-alpha model until the Starbase 3001 update, where his texture was temporarily replaced with Bob's texture with black gloves. He received his current design in the Frostivus update.


  • Skee Daddle's name is a play on the word skedaddle, which means "to run away".


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