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Skeleton Commando
Skeleton Sergeant
Theme Ninjago, Skeletons
World Ninjago Battlefield
Weapon/Tool Maelstrom Axe

Skeleton Commandos are Skulkin enemies found on the Ninjago Battlefield. They have around 90 health and wear a Maelstrom-forged armor pauldron. They hold Maelstrom Bone Axes, which Nya purifies for players in the Maelstrom Weapons mission chain.

Skeleton Commandos are considered the second hardest enemy on the Ninjago Battlefield behind Skeleton Overseers due to the commandos high health, even though it's attacks aren't that powerful.


  • Spinjitzu: The Commando uses Spinjitzu, dealing 2 damage when the player is in full Spinjitzu gear.
  • Axe Slash: The Commando swipes at you with its axe, dealing 1 damage when the player is in full Spinjitzu gear.


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