Skeleton Mad Scientist
Skeleton Poisoner.PNG
Theme Ninjago, Skeletons
World Ninjago Caves
Weapon/Tool Maelstrom Laser

Skeleton Mad Scientists are a type of Skulkin that is found on the Ninjago Monastery. They are identical to Skeleton Engineers. They have about 70 life points and fire Maelstrom Poison from their laser which can be cured by eating an Imaginite Herb, if the attacking Mad Scientist is smashed and if you get a heart pickup. This deals damage to a player over time, but eventually wears off. They also have a Spinjitzu attack similar to Skeleton Engineers, but much wider and more powerful. During the attack, a large unusual egg-like shape of Maelstrom-adapted Spinjitzu appears around them. They rise up in the air like Engineers, however their Spinjitzu dissapates and they do not smash. It does 6 damage.


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