Skeleton Marksman
Skeleton Specialist
Theme Ninjago, Skeletons
World Ninjago Battlefield
Weapon/Tool Maelstrom Crossbow

Skeleton Marksmen are Skulkin warriors found on the Ninjago Battlefield, and have around 40 health. They hold Maelstrom Crossbows.

Marksmen do not normally move, as they can fire bolts at players as opposed to slashing at them. If the player travels out of range, they simply give up their attacks.

Marksmen are considered the third strongest enemy on the Ninjago Battlefield due to their fast ranged attacks. Because of the attacks being ranged, it can be a hassle to try and dodge their attacks, making it easiest to wear good armour, bring good consumables, and use a powerful ranged ninjago weapon to smash them.


  • Sloppy Spinjitzu Spin: The Marksman will start spinning and then fall down. It will then fire eight arrows in a circle fashion around it. The attack is extremely effective, but can be dodged by jumping. Each arrow does 6 damage.
  • Crossbow Bolt: The marksman fires a maelstrom bolt at players for 2 damage.


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