Skeleton Overseer
Skeleton Sergeant Major
Theme Ninjago, Skeleton
Weapon/Tool Double Bone Axe

Skeleton Overseers are found at the Ninjago Monastery battlefield, contained in Skeleton Siege Towers. When the tower's three supports are shattered, the Overseer is freed. They have about 72 hit points, and have two attacks: A melee attack that does 5 damage, and a Spinjitzu attack that deals 5 damage and protects the Overseer from damage, but leaves it temporarily stunned.

Skeleton Overseers are considered the hardest enemy at the Ninjago Battlefield due to the fact that Skeleton Siege Towers must be smashed to fight them, also while destroying towers you will be attacked by Skeleton Commandos, making good ninjago armour a must.

Overseers are identical to Skeleton Commandos, but they carry twin-bladed axes as opposed to single-bladed axes.


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