Skeleton Trooper
Maelstrom Weapons
Theme Ninjago, Skeletons
World Ninjago Battlefield
Weapon/Tool Maelstrom Dagger

Skeleton Troopers are the most basic Skulkin enemies in the Ninjago Monastery. They have 18 health.

They tend to mass out near the bridge, which runs above the Ninjago Battlefield. They also can be found around the walls near ladders which run up the side to the Monastery. Troopers tend to hug whatever wall they are closest to, and rarely follow the player farther than the closest Dragon-in-the-box.

When players first arive in the Monastery, Sensei Wu sends them to gather five Maelstrom Daggers from troopers. Later, Nya, with the help of Paradox, is able to purify one of these daggers.

Skeleton Troopers are considered the easiest enemy on the Ninjago Battlefield due to low damage attacks and low health. They are easy to smash with full skeleton reduction and a decent ninjago weapon.


  • Basic Strike: The trooper jabs its blade and deals 5 damage.
  • Sloppy Spinjitzu: The trooper spins around and gets dizzy.


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