Found in Nimbus Station
Special Abilities Surrounded by smelly clouds (untamed)
Imagination Points 8
Required Items/Tasks Water Gun
Taming Build Perfume Bottle

A skunk is a weasel-like pet in LEGO Universe. They are scattered around Nimbus Station. They emit smelly clouds that can slow a player down when they come into contact with them. A water gun is required to remove their smell before they can be tamed.

Skunk Pets are found on the outskirts of Nimbus Plaza.

An Anti-Stink Potion can be purchased from Farnham Spoon, which does not protect against the stench from skunks, but does remove it once acquired. It should be noted, however, that Skunk stench only lasts a few seconds.

Beta Information

Skunks played a large role in Youreeka and Zorillo Plaza. They would often make invasions on the otherwise peaceful worlds, leaving it up to the Skunkbusters and players to stop them. Their role was drastically reduced in Nimbus Station, where they only appeared as pets.

Skunk Pet LXF Download


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