Ninja P

Smashmaster Foom
Ninja 1
Theme Paradox
World Forbidden Valley
Quote "I sling together words and rhyme, for Rhyming Ninjas flow sublime!"
Weapon/Tool Katana

Smashmaster Foom is a Paradox Ninja who trains players in the art of smashing.

Master Fong Shader sends players to prove themselves to Smashmaster Foom before he can let them speak with Numb Chuck. To train players in the art of smashing, Smashmaster Foom tells players to return to Mantis Rock and smash ten of the Dark Ronin. When players return having succeeded in this task, Smashmaster Foom sends his approval to Master Fong Shader.

Later, players can return to Smashmaster Foom to continue his smashing lessons. Smashmaster Foom sends players to Cavalry Hill, where they must smash five Maelstrom Horsemen. Although the mission is completed successfully by players, Smashmaster Foom wisely notes that the battle against the Maelstrom is far from over.


Beta Information

Although Smashmaster Foom was unnamed for most of beta testing, he was identified as the Smash Ninja in The Ninja Masters mission. Throughout beta testing, Smashmaster Foom wore a red Ninja star-patterned shirt and Red Pants. In early beta, Smashmaster Foom's dialogue was very blunt and filled with typical ninja fighting phrases, suggesting a very different personality in contrast to his released dialogue, which is very poetic in nature.

In the Nexus Jawbox update, Smashmaster Foom's face was changed, with notably wider eyes and a different expression.


  • Smashmaster Foom speaks entirely in rhyme.


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